sexta-feira, janeiro 21, 2011

I hit my dog

Sunday was not so easy as it should be. After let the visits to their homes, I ran over the dog when get in the garage. Shock was light, but at the same instant I knew what had happened. I needed no cries or barks, it was clear to me that the tire passed over the Lan. My daughter cried and the tears flowed. My wife faster take the animal to help him. I went to Internet search for a veterinary clinic. Soon after the incident, the pet was quiet. There were no signs of bleeding or injury. We waited a little. I even thought about not going to the vet, but as the Lan showed no signs of improvement or worsening decided the best thing to do was take the question at once or no one would sleep that night.

Sunday is a day of empty, roads and clinics. At least what we found that day. We were the only customers on site and were met quickly. At first sight all right. The X-ray also showed no fractures. The doctor concluded that Lan is a very lucky dog and recommended remedy for pain, antiseptic and relaxing. In next weekend we will return to check how her recovery.

Time to pay the bill:

Canned dog feed
Total U$ 130.00

When the girl returned my credit card, I asked:

- It was good to you?

Now that Lan is out of danger and recovering well it's easy to speak, but until Tuesday there was still a certain fear in the air.

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  1. Anonymous19/2/11 23:37

    Reflexão emocionante nesta página, tópicos deste modo destacam aos que analisar neste blogue :/
    Dá mais de este espaço, aos teus leitores.

  2. Mi dear friend, meu querido amigo,
    It's great your dog is doing it well right now!

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  3. Que bom, que soube recorrer rápido o cãozinho. Pois melhor que ninguém, é o nosso melhor amigo.
    Uma bela noite.
    Um grande abraço.


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