sábado, janeiro 01, 2011

Discuss Finances

If anyone thinks Discuss the Relationship is the ultimate stress that can arise between a couple is because he is too young or too inexperienced. DR is insignificant close to Discuss Finance. After a time nobody wants to discuss jealousy, affection, lack of attention. What really matters is the bills os the week and tennis that began to tear. His salary is not enough and her too. No money for this and for that. You put the cash and expenses on paper and will discuss things with greater rationality possible. Until comes the time to cut her facial cream. Then go to hell the rationality and if you do not move fast you goes along. No use to explain the future benefits of a modern economy. According to the logic of:

"Why I had to save that money now? When I am old I will have to spend it with medicine." not worth anything to join. The business is now and the future...

But the most important thing to know is that no matter what you do or what you say in the end all DF will slip into a DR and then ... the dead are raised, the ex-girlfriends too. Offenses from past century come as having been uttered seconds and any failure, any error serves to be thrown in the face.

And after all what you get are two people who are still indebted, but now has the mood to add to their problems.

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