terça-feira, julho 01, 2008

Dreams. Nº 04

Today I dreamt that traveled to the Amazon to rescue a girl. My father was beside me. We are in a house of wood, standing in the kitchen and the girl runs all the house. She has dark and curled hair. It looks happy and healthy. Like all children in my dreams it looks a lot like my daughter, but it is not my daughter.
We left the child and get out the house. Passing about divider and get into a field cultivated with flowers small and simple. They are tones of beige and brown. The lighting and the landscape remind one picture. In fact I feel as if it was included within a painting. The flowers are spread in all directions. Along the road we see some houses here and there, but nothing much near.
I do not know why suddenly we come to the conclusion that place was Venezuela.
We continue walking until we find an old woman, thin, wrinkled, dress, apron and scarf in the head. She is along the road and shouted something to us. In that time comes the sound of a truck that blocks any attempt at dialogue. When the vehicle was gone although I can hear what she says:
-- Where is the Church?
Simply I lead my arm and show her the right direction and then I wake up.

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