sexta-feira, setembro 10, 2010

Runing in the top of trees

Sunday, 25/07/10, was the day of the run into trees. Waking up early, put family into the car and get a foot on the road. Like ever the output delay, but nothing more than a stepped on the accelerator was not able to circumvent. In the municipality of Gaspar (Blumenau backyard) a few minutes to get to the SESI, I discover that my path is blocked because of a marathon. Being that was the only way I knew the despair was taking over me as I ran by SC-470 treading a path totally new and unknown. I crossed the city of Blumenau until I could get to the sports complex of SESI. Luckily the others runners had the same disorder that I do.

Thereafter wearing safety equipment, harness, helmet, gloves we go for the trailhead where the monitors SESI pass the relevant guidelines, always focusing on and emphasizing the principles of safety. The beautiful forest, cut by a stream and a sunny day created the perfect background for the sport. Soon we were climbing one by one into the trees and defying the fear of heights and lack of balance. We went through three circuits that have provided us with fear, beauty, challenge, falls and laughs. In each circuit was three monitors. The first was responsible for connecting to a single lifeline. The second was our transition of the lifeline for the zip line. The third was down in the ground waiting to greet us at the end of the Tyrolean.

Once you cross the the trail arborismo came lunch time and then rappell in the tower lighting of the soccer field. The height was 30 meters, I'm pretty sure it must have been a little more. New guidelines were passed security and I went in search of a new experience. A monitor stayed next to the stairs teaching, connect to the cables hangs after disconnecting them and drops him to the next colleague who would carry out the climb. In the top another monitor taught how to use the brake and what we should do to get off. The third monitor was down doing the safety of the rappel down.

Despite the height and never before made a descent, those first one not so lousy I felt cold in the stomach. The problem was to move my body thru platform to start. The descent else was quiet. Gave it to look down, around, make some leaps and also I have learned that you can not dreaming in the rope. In a great leap in the fall I felt the heat of friction. Nothing to hurt me or put in danger, but certainly important to remind me where I was and how much concentration I should devote to the subject.

And even after all the new experiences and adventures the best part was knowing that during my journey in the woods, my daughter had the following conversation with his mother:

Daughter - Mom, Dad went into the forest Mom! C'mon. Let's find my father. I had a father so good. Let's go save father. I loved so much this father.

After that the two got in the forest, follow by a trail and climbed a very high hill. From the top, could see the whole gym SESI and the tower that I climbed so high it was. Not content to have gone up the trail and down the slope before lunch, made a point that she wanted would accompany them in a replay right after the rappel. Result, when I reached the top my tongue looked like a tie and my daughter was so fresh and jumping like a goat.

To sum it all: it was a wonderful day that was with a taste for more.

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  1. Oi L. S,
    que chique vc tá, tudo em inglês, parabéns, uma bela maneira de praticar num é!

  2. boa maneira mesmo de praticar :)

    lucas, desculpa a demora para resopnder sua pergunta no escafandro. não tenho escrito mais contos, perdi a mão de escrevê-los. o que faço agora é raramente postar coisa ou outra no blog que normalmente ou é cronica ou não se encaixa em nenhum género. é praticamente um conjunto de palavras soltas :)

    havia algum convite?


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