terça-feira, setembro 04, 2007

Things of couple. Nº 03

- I love you.
- I love you too.
- This means that do you will realize “my dreams”? Do you will live your life as I imagined that it have to be?
- No! Really not. Love I have my proper plans. And I want to carry through them with you by my side. I support you and you support me. We go to grow together in this life. We go realize our self like human beings.
- This means to say that you don’t will have four children, still taking care of the house and be my particular sex machine?
- Not!
- Ah! Then this is not love. Thus I do not want!

4 comentários:

  1. Jajajaja!!! But my friend!! You have no idea how I am laughing right now. The pic GREAT!! just cool!! My little Bro gonna love it!

    I do not why...but I think that those words really are in some people´s thoughts.

    You didn´t say something like that to your wife right? ´Cause in that case I can beg you would not be married by now.


  2. No I didn't.
    But I really believe in the existence of people able to say this type of thing.

  3. This is so funny yet so true.

    The main reason is - People love themself more than they love their partner.
    And the true love is - You should put your partner first.

    Expectation gap I guess.

  4. perfect picture of a great description of egoism!


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