domingo, setembro 23, 2007


Well this prize I received from Luis Mirkovich. It's an honor be chosen by him and now is my time to indicate somebody. And the indicates is:

Eni because is time to east and west meeting each other.
English is cool more cool than english? Only Jonice can be.
Planeta Cotorra Topi thanks for openned the Mexico doors to me.

Thanks Luis

4 comentários:

  1. Dear Alves, I'm flattered! Thanks a lot , now that's a sweet surprise!
    very much appreciated!

  2. My Dear L.S.

    Just don´t know what to say, thank you, thank you very, very much!

    This relation between our blogs is just the result of your sweetness, your good heart and your honesty reflected in words.

    You´re such a great, great human being.

    Receive a moonlight since the deepest of my heart for you, your wife and beautiful daughter.

  3. Thank you, LS!!!! What an honor for me to hear you say that cooler than English only Jonice cab be. That was really sweet of you, dear.

    Thank you
    a kiss and a hug :)

  4. No, please no.
    Thank you !!!
    Keeping writting the amazin things you writte.
    A hug.


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