terça-feira, setembro 18, 2007

Things of couple. Nº 02

A couple lunching with two friends.
A1 - You go to be dressed of Italian in the presentation of the work?
E - Not! It does not arrive in such a way.
M - I wanted that it was dressed of arrests.
A2 - You already he tried? He is so legal!
M - My dream is that it used a dress of arrests.
E - My love! I want more I am to take off the clothes to you.
M - My angel; 04 years of married. Today fancy to me is to place clothes in you.
F1 - Friend 01
F2 - Friend 02
W - Wife
H – Husband

Prenda, in the Rio Grande Do Sul, she is the woman gaucho, according to traditionalistic movement gaucho, and its pair is the laborer.
The typical clothes of Prenda consists of a dress (or it has left and blouse), with or without jacket, whose bar reaches the chest of the foot. The model of the skirt varies the age in accordance with and physical structure of Prenda. The sleeves of the blouse can be long, 3/4 or until the elbow, and can be smooth or pleated, but lightly not ballooned. Generally it Prenda it does not use cuts off, but, a light one cuts off, with or without gullet, displaying the shoulders and the chest, it is admitted. The shoes are generally black, white or beige, with a strap on the chest of the buttoned foot of the side of are. The hair must be half hold, imprisoned or in braids, decorated with discrete flowers, that can be natural or artificial. The women youngest can use simple or with discrete flowers and passing crosspieces in the hair.
The make up must in accordance with be discrete and the age and the social occasion.
It never arrests it uses colored earrings of plastic, clock, bracelets, gloves or necklaces.

Prenda=gift, precious thing.

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