terça-feira, julho 06, 2010

Loosing weight with Nintendo Wii

I was never a skinny guy. My habits and genetic never helped to maintain a very healthy body. However I have been in better physical shape than the current one. Laziness, physical inactivity and poor nutrition make my weight go from 92 to 112 Kg in the last 10 years.

Now it is time to reverse this situation. In search of a healthier life and less sedentary bought a video game. Okay that was not a big deal, but this is always a good excuse for some hours of playing. At first glance exercises and video games has no conection but with the arrival of the Nintendo Wii this approach occurred. And I intend to share my walk in search of better health using this console.

Since Sunday 13/06/10 play regularly every night, at least 40 consecutive minutes. The next step is to record my weight and observe if there was any change. So until next time.

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