quarta-feira, outubro 17, 2007

Oktoberfest. Part II

Despite being a very short time and I was working I conquest time to celebrate. A small piece, on Wednesday night, anyway nonetheless to 21h00min got out of the hotel under a disappointing rain. I and my co-worker divide the expenditure of the taxi with two boys from Sao Paulo. On the way to the party we indicated for them a brothel where for R $ 15.00 they will drink all beer they can for all night without paying anything more for it. And is a good beer I know.
Even with rain and being in the middle of the week the party submitted public good. Like everything in Blumenau the flags were clean, organized and the police guaranteed the order of the place. Persons of the most varied kinds, entire families, from the grandparents to grandchildren. Many people wearing suits and how typical was to be expected in a party that city, there were many beautiful women.
The bands, all of high quality, unfortunately not focused their songs in the German symbols that both taste and that better characterize the festival.
Summarizing everything:
In one night I become some ten years younger. Drank beer from a regional factory and I danced, danced a lot. Since arrived until the time I left. Unfortunately at 02h00min they begin to close the festival. Although I back to hotel with the right to nightly walk, hot dog on the street and a great sense of softness in the soul.

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  1. My Dear L.S.:

    So good to know that you became younger even if it was just for some minutes...The hot dog at the street, hahaha! So Clasic and so GOOD!!! I think it is great that the police can guarantee to keep the order and safety...it is a shame that in México we can not tell the same story :(

    Good to have news from you, and good news!

    Rainbows for you ;)

  2. Wow !! Looks like a lot of fun... and I am sure it is always feel great to feel 10 years younger. :)

  3. Topi thanks for come. Really one night of dance can make miracles for us. I was very needed of this.
    Kisses to you.

  4. Pink I believe you also felling this when you’re doing something that you love and you stay a long time without practice.
    Hugs to you.


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