terça-feira, outubro 23, 2007

Dreams. Nº 03

I dreamed that I was hired to write a Mexican soap opera. Those with one heroin that use long curly hair and flowered dresses. I started to write the story. And she suffered a start well and tearful as is customary in this type of tragedy.
I see the scenes in my mind as I watch a movie. The protagonist are dancing and turning happy. After this she sits crying with face between his hands. Suddenly things change completely. She disappear and I see several birds flying everywhere. They bite and scratch people. There are bodies by ground and the birds eating them. In the streets people walk lukewarm, similar to living deads. They stop. And now none of them has eyes. Orbits empty and black holes are all what I see.
There is a man in a gray suit. He is standing in the middle of the street. He is not had even a head or neck. The collar of the shirt around a hole dark. Birds are biting around the hole. Then from inside the hole fly a flock of several types of birds.
After this I wake up.

9 comentários:

  1. My God!!!! But what a dream!!! I can say that for me that is more like a nightmare!!! But why a mexican soap opera??? Jajajaja!
    The curly hair and the tears...ok, that is our style...I think I would woke up sweating a lot...Did you feel afraid of those images????

  2. I tagged you - on my blog.
    make a list if you like. :)

    A mexican soap opera...wow. What a dream !!!!

  4. Topi I don't feel afraid. I was wondered.
    And about your style I remember of an actress that made a lot success in Brazil, Thalia. She is the inspiration of my mexican soap opera.

  5. Thanks Ginger.
    I will pass there soon as possible.
    Hugs from Brasil

  6. wow..seems so very intriguing this dream of yours..

  7. Eni some times I have this weird dreams.
    Hugs to you.


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