sexta-feira, outubro 05, 2007


In the past when I initiated work I received one third part of what I receive today. And in that time I want more.
Today my pay is what it is and I want more.
Ten years in the future my payment will be double than today and I still wanting more.
When this will be over?

4 comentários:

  1.'s the way we are created..we never stop asking more for anything not just for money..

  2. we live for the money!

    i don't have a lot of this money that you talk about... but in my life, that money is second.

    first is the things i buy with money, money money money... money.

    PS: i know that my english is not so good... but i've been tried.

    PS 2: and... where is the book?

  3. Gilgomex:
    It's obvious. The book is on the table.

  4. Só quando morreres deixarás de querer mais... e tudo acabará por cá...


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