sexta-feira, dezembro 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Since a long time does not appear here and I believe that is nothing better than come back sharing good things. My Christmas gift ever comes before 25. Santa Claus and I have a strained relationship. He can not wait. In the first moment he takes the gift in hands he wishes delivery it as soon as possible. It was so early in the month received my new digital camera. A Sony DSC-W320. My new faithful companion of all times. The other surprise was two unlined notebooks and a book in the series Rick Riordan. Three perfect gifts. For those who do not know I still like writing by hand. I'd rather throw the rough idea on paper and then refine at the time of typing. My current notebook is already almost full and should retire in early January. Which is great because I can begin the use of my presents. For last I was rewarded with a book from Digestivo Cultural. A website about culture and I always read that constantly promotes deals with books as prizes. My gift this time was a book of "Sidney Sheldon." Not quite the SS, since that's been dead for some time and the book is recent. In fact SS has become a franchise like the James Bond / Ian Flaming and the book was written by Tilly Bagshawe. When I was a teenager had a bias with SS and their works, but that was before I knew he was the creator of I dream of Jeannie. What would alone be enough for me to become a fan of the guy, but he also created Hart to Hart other successful series of my childhood. So at least he deserves my respect.

And so, full of gifts and good about life that I intend to return to the blogosphere and into the year 2011.

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