quarta-feira, novembro 21, 2007

Pink tagged me

I've been tagged by Pink Ginger recently. Here is the 8 things about me and my thoughts.

1. I'm always interested in books.

2. I wish to live in a country like this. Better saying I am in the best place to live.

3. I love travelling, backpacking.

4. One of the most beautiful thing in the world to me is my daughter.

5. I don't like miserable souls.

6. I have a difficulty to work. I am a very, very, very lazy man.

7. I am a peaceful person. You need work very hard make me irritated.

8. Guitar is part of my life.

6 comentários:

  1. My friend... you`re so admirable to me. So many people spend their time just complaining about the place they live x example, but you, you enjoy the place you live at and love it! Even you say you`re lazy, you`re a peaceful person...you know? I can feel that.

    I know that your daughter and you`re wife are the most beautiful realities for you L.S.

    A big, HUGE hug for you my friend ;)

  2. My country don’t is perfect but have some qualities that I love. The most important to me is the people and the nature both are wonderful.
    Hugs to you my friend.

  3. Hi there, thanks for sharing with us some BIG things about yourself.
    I really admire people who likes their country and am sure no country is perfect.
    My country is not perfect too, but I love my country is because this is the place that I called 'home'.

  4. Fiesta en mi blog, te espero !!!
    Un abrazo

    There's a party in my blog, I'll be waiting for you to celebrate.

  5. Pink in really I love the country where I live. The people make the diference. When you come in Brazil you will feel what I am saying.
    Hugs to you.

  6. Luis I will pass by there.


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