segunda-feira, agosto 27, 2007

Dreams. Nº 02

This night I dreamed that it was in a place similar to a shop of cars. It had more three people with me. Then I see a cinereous scorpion walking for the soil. It has nine centimeters approximately. He is agitated, with the open clamps and the raised tail. He shows that it wants confusion. I decide to kill it before it has attacked somebody. I try to step on it one, twice. Therefore it is fast and always dodge. I try one third stepped on, but he dodge and strike the sting in the chest of my foot. One, two, three times. I do not feel pain. Nothing happen. At least for the three first seconds. Then vertiginously my foot starts to darken and to swell of the tip of the fingers until the way it foot. A dark purple bubble. It remembers a pie placed in hot oil practically inflate immediately. It runs away…
Now I am in a small market near my last residence. The same scorpion. Or another identical one. Who knows? It is leaving the lateral of the coolant of the coca. It passes in my front. I catch a package of shirt tails of 28 units and throw on it. It keeping walking without having accused the blow. Now it is on a shelf. Still Threatening. But throw products in it and it is jammed. But it continues moving. Throw more things in it until it turns a shapeless folder. Before leaving the market I talk with the owner that he needs sprays insecticide for all the place.
Ridicule is that in this quarrel we spoke that the animals had hidden in the market because they liked cold places. And I almost have certainty that this is not characteristic of scorpion.

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  3. this is an interesting dream. So at the end, where were the scorpion?

  4. Sorry Ginger but I don't understand your question.
    Thanks for the visit.

  5. ¡¡Hello!! I hate scorpions because of the danger they represent...Once I saw one, I was 12 and you have no idea the fear that went trough my all that I think it twice it is not about hate, it is fear...a lot.

    I hope someday I could muster enough courage and try to be near one of them more than 1 second.

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