domingo, julho 29, 2007

My vacations.

Very well! Only bring up to date you I finish to return from my “vacations”. Many people believe that I hid myself in some frozen winter paradise. I am sorry for disappointing saying that not put the feet out my residence. And as all person without great financial comforts I pledged my free time in assisting in the construction of the wall that my dwelling in such a way needed. My days pass between sand, rock, cement and whitewash. Although to be a new and very interesting knowledge, I cannot say that he has been very amused. However my aid had the effect to reduce the costs of the workmanship for the half. What in the current situation it justifies the calluses and acquired muscular pains. For that not yet they know I inform that my manual abilities are null and that the responsible person for the workmanship was my wife who appears in this photo of the beginning of the works. I was with the work most brutal and that needed little intellect. She was with the part to instruct me, to put bricks, to verify plummet, etc. Although one or another column curved and bricks is out plummet the wall follows firm and strong. I believe that it will not come to fall or to bother.

There is a photo of the work in the begin. And these are my wife, before lipo, and my Daughter. Below it follows a photo of the final result.

Then these had been my vacations. Working in my house. From tomorrow I will be in Blumenau. For that to want to receive a postcard from that city is only send me the address by email that readily will be taken care of. I will be there of Monday till Wednesday. I was very happy with the demonstrations of miss that had left this way in my period of absence and say that as soon as my work is in day will come back to visit to all with the regularity with which already they are accustomed. Hugs and see you later.

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  1. Hey you, buddy!!!
    It's nice having you here. Well the result is : amazing.
    It looks great. Good work.


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