terça-feira, julho 24, 2007


I am alive.
And I am back.

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  1. Hey my my friend!!!
    How's your vacations? Now, it's time to writte and share with all of us, the people who admires your work, a lot of things.
    Be happy!!!
    It's nice having you here.

  2. My Dear L.S,

    I have to say that I am soooo glad of having you back!! So good that you had been busy ;) that´s good, really good. Just one thing: I would like a bigger picture of your wife and your daughter, they seem beautiful from the distance of course, but I´m sure that closer they are prettier.

    I missed you a lot!

    strawberry chips 4 you and your beautiful family with my love,

    Cynthia ;)


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