quinta-feira, junho 14, 2007

Piece of cake?

Yesterday I had the great idea of make a cake. No problem. It’s easy. Only you need is follow the book.
First problem; cut my finger preparing the orange juice.
Second problem; made three visits in market. My head was full of wind. Buy the flour, oranges and sugar. Need more oranges. Come back to market, buy more oranges. Lend from a friend a machine to mix the ingredients. Then I remember don’t have yeast. There I go to my third visit to buy ingredients.
Then I go home. Mix every thing and put in the kiln. Light the fire and go wash dish and other things.
Five minutes later I look into the kiln and it’s totally dark inside. The combustive is over. Call the market and beg to send me more gas.
Change the gas, put fire again and wait 50 minutes. After this I look into the furnace and surprise. My cake grows, big and beautiful. Your surface is golden. Stick him with a fork. Ok. It’s time to take off the cake from the jug. In this moment occurred the main catastrophe. The cake was good in the top and crude in the down. Immediately I put the cake back in the jug and back in the kiln.
Later, when I am 100% certainly he was good I put him off the jug and burn my hand in this operation.
Results of my night in the kitchen:
One cut in the finger.
One cake seems like a monster.
One hand burned and I’m totally frustrated.

6 comentários:

  1. Very fun experneice I guess.. this post brings smile to my face. :)
    Don't give up, bake a few more times you will get it right.
    I think the monster cake must taste good. Pass me some for breakfast. I love orange cake.

  2. In really he's tasty, but the face is so ugly.
    In the end of month I will try again. I hope for more lucky in this time.
    Hugs to you.

  3. Hey you my friend !!! What a funny experience you had. Jejeje. Yes, keep on trying so you could do a better cake.
    Hugs to you

  4. Next saturday I will try again.
    Now my finger is better.
    Hugs Luis.

  5. My Dear L.S. Quit an experience you had! but ¡Congrats! You made a cake! great! as I can see you got better than many other people I know. Keep trying and next time why don´t you try with chocolate? Thanks 4 your visit! and of course as soon as I finish this coment I will write to you by mail.

    ;) strawberry pancakes 4 you!

  6. Chocolote is ever a good idea.


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