terça-feira, junho 26, 2007

Lunch, Joinville, 22/11/2006

When I lunch in the malls of the life I understand my miss for restaurants of roadside. Good food. In those places once or another the silence is broken by the sound of a truck in high speed. But today I am in mall and the sound of voices, places setting, plates and trays create a wave where nothing are distinguished. Sounds, noises and clutters. Everything is bother.
The food is sacred.
Silence is sacred.
But not the Mall.
Joinville, 22 of November of 2006.

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  1. Well, that is true...you cannot put attention on just one thing...there is a very particular sound that is the all noise together...

    I particullary don´t enjoy aeting in malls I prefer my house, my parent´s or maybe over the grass of any park...yeah! I love that!

    Noisy greetings for you my dear, dear friend!

  2. I prefer any other place. And is needed a company. Is very sad eat alone.

    Silence hugs to you Topi.

  3. Neumann: Then make a good lunch!
    Hugs to you girl!

  4. Yes, It's so hard to eat in malls. When I eat it's a kind of ritual, a very special moment. The company I think it's pretty important in those moments.
    Happy hugs to you my friend !!!

  5. Remember: Eat is the last pleasure we can prove in public.


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