terça-feira, maio 08, 2007


If you are a loser and this of some form disturbs you, take easy, therefore you the majority of the human beings is equal. Then be cool, don’t worries. One remembers what we make with the people who present behaviors and attitudes are of the standards of the society, us we lock these people and hit out the key, we allege madness or marginality is clearly that in the good times in we could burn them under the accusation of heretics or executes them as communist, but these are options of golden ages that never come back again. The standards of the health are established from what the majority of the society considers “normal” and the standards of the legality follow principle the same, why then, we the losers, absolute majority of the population, have that to accept intelligent and successful people freely walking for the streets, launching in our faces our imperfections and deceits. Rich, happy, pretty and famous, they are so few that we cannot accept them as something normal and common. For its disparity and amount we must consider them delinquents the society and as such, keep them moved away from the regular and healthy conviviality with the community. However! But somebody can question, what we have to make with these so singular creatures? We could mount a small circus of horrors, showing skeleton models and pale, women deformed for its some plastic surgeries, intellectual sad, of closed face dived in its books, we would still show rich gotten depressed for having been moved away from its toys to make money and to undo lives. The possibility still exists to use them as walking targets for shot sports. Another idea to be explored is to sell these beings as animal of esteem they imagine the happiness of the children: - Ai! Father I always wanted to have an esteem actor. Purchase! Purchase! An existing option, were used for a similar case for Swift, are treated to use these creatures as raw material for butcher, do not remain in me the minor doubt that models and dummies would be healthful super options, for the characteristics of its meats, white, lean and to a large extent young. Already the intellectuals and the scholars would not have a great value of market, therefore as we know the wisdom is fruit of many years of study and effort and after all this time and work the meat of the scholars already was hard excessively what it value of sell going down. But so that it does not have wastefulness let us make the following one, let us triturate the scholars and let us use them as animal ration. Perhaps somebody that reads this can come to think that I am against the people most favored by the goddess of the richness, but this would be a serious one makes a mistake. A question to defend the rights of the mediocre ones is not the case of being against is alone. Why we, the majority, must be guided by a minority of misadjusted. The idiots feel themselves more comfortable in environments where all are equal. Then so that all the losers reach a state of full happiness and accomplishment, is necessary that let us eliminate of our conviviality the successful people, thus, and thus the humanity will only be able to rest in peace.

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  1. L.S Alves,
    Infelizmente a historia foi real, apanhei, fui drogada com meus proprios remedios e trancada num quarto com "vigias" na porta e no quarto.

    Depois disso eu saí de casa. Mas voltei...

  2. sometimes cool people are just losers; and sometimes the other way...

  3. Neumann thanks for the visit! I will pass on your blog as soon is possible.
    Hugs to you.

  4. wow this one rocks!very different blog you have! to be added:) cheers!


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