sexta-feira, setembro 26, 2008

Gym against time

Finally after many years without any practice physical activity, and when I say no it is serious, I frequent a nearby gym in my workplace. No is too luxurious or to draw attention, however I believe that their modest facilities will properly serve my purposes.
With the arrival of years I have noticed that it i have noticed that it is more difficult to allow the tie, climbing stairs or even do a walk through quickstep. The time is not there for us. He will simply squeezing the knob around our necks simply going slowly tightening the garrotte. Having fun with the garrotte. Having fun with our gradual swoon. The belly grows, the veins close, the hair falls and memory ... Ah! The memory makes a point of remembering what happened to twenty years ago, but did not remember where you left your car keys. Thus I have left no alternative but to run. I will race against time. Battle to win space in this race. Dispute each breath that I can recover and keep it until the last moment. I am not to give me so early. It is a tussle worthless, because we know in advance who will be victorious. It is no use for me to have a son, plant a tree or write a book. After all my name will be forgotten, my achievements will change in dust and left no one trace of my passage through the world. And that comes only to confirm my status of traveller in existence.
But leaving aside the bitterness the good news is that I would do exercises and my knees will be grateful.

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  1. Oi, claro que pode, será um prazer. Se usar, me avisa pra eu ver como ficou, pois tenho entrado pouquíssimo por aqui...

  2. hhaloa.blogspot.com31/10/08 12:07

    Have a nice day.

  3. That's is so cool.
    My friend I havent been here since,I can't remember,so many time. And it's really nice to be back here reading this amazing things you've wrotte.
    Happy nice day. Your friend,Luis.

  4. cool ma must be very fit now.
    i'm thinking of doing it myself but unfortunately don't have any place close to home and i come late from work:(

    have a great new year and a merry x-mas by the way :)

  5. Well, it seems that this place is kind of ...lonely... but since english is the language of my heart it's a pleasure to be here!!!


  6. No castelo
    Das expressões,
    Estas palavras
    O mundo inteiro…
    Acorrenta e entoam
    Paz aos corações
    E aqui
    Ao lê-las…
    Ficarei prisioneiro

    Uma semana carregada
    De saúde,
    E muito amor.

    O eterno abraço…


  7. What's hapenning??
    Writte some new things!



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